Who we are: a global company comprised of experts within the carbon market.

We pride ourselves on our network of leading professionals in every sector of the market, as well as strong links with regulatory organisations and project leaders. We have extensive experience across a range of technologies, and in policy development and capacity building in the carbon markets, including foot printing, climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Our strength lies in the use of a flexible team, located world-wide, assigned to your contract based on their expertise and experience in relevant fields.

Our team has almost 20 years’ experience establishing and managing renewable energy and low-carbon projects, has worked directly on registering over 200 CDM projects and issuing more than 16 million Certified and Verified Emission Reductions (CERs and VERs), and supplied technical co-ordination for over 400 projects world-wide.

The Team

Belinda Kinkead is a highly-skilled climate finance professional with almost 20 years’ experience in international climate policy and carbon finance. She has a proven track record in managing large portfolios of complex projects and proven experience developing strategies for managing risk within rapidly evolving regulatory regimes to maximise value from projects. Her technical experience spans projects in countries such as China, India, Brazil, Senegal, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and Thailand; and sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, fugitive gas capture, emissions trading schemes, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and Programmes of Activities (PoAs).

Before becoming the Director of Climate Link, Belinda worked with leading companies and institutions such as the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, EcoSecurities and the Sustainable Energy Authority of NSW.

Adriana Torchelo trained as a Chemical Engineer, and began work in the climate change sector in 2005 as Technical Advisor for the Climate Change Unit of the National Directorate of Environment, Uruguay. In 2007 she joined EcoSecurities South America as Project Manager, focusing her expertise on waste and energy sectors projects. Her current role draws on these skills to determine project potential, assess additionality, and implement and monitor GHG reduction projects. Overall, her work has led to the issuance of more than 200,000 CERs and VERs.

Bryan Lee came to the carbon market with a background in mechanical engineering, where he focussed on energy conversion, fluid mechanics, and machine design. After several years working in natural resources, power generation, and maritime naval reconnaissance industries, Bryan joined the business development unit of a leading climate change consultancy in 2007. Here, he led numerous initiatives to evaluate and quantify prospective areas for corporate development including biomass energy and trading, oil refining, power station efficiency improvements, upstream oil and gas production, and carbon capture and storage. Bryan also played a lead role in the development of the first large-scale CDM methodology approved for biomass co-firing at fossil fuel power stations.

Jessica Wade-Murphy worked for the market leaders in CDM project development and trading prior to becoming an independent consultant. Her particular expertise lies within methodology development and analysis; as leader of a methodologies support team, she co-ordinated the technical development, use, and oversight of various methodologies to ensure registration of CDM projects – such as the creation of AM0079, AM0085, and AMS III.AE, and the revision of AM0028. Jessica’s academic background is firmly rooted in the study of climate change, having studied for a BA in Biology & Environmental Studies from the University of Chicago, and an MSc in Plant Biology from Utrecht University. She has published several papers on the carbon market, and most recently wrote a baseline assessment report which was then used to evaluate PoA development.

Till Neeff is a recognized forestry and carbon market professional, with 10 years’ experience in the private sector, government institutions, and at the UN. Until recently he oversaw a €100m portfolio of Climate Change investments at the German Ministry of the Environment’s ICI. Prior to this, coordinated forestry origination at EcoSecurities, managing a portfolio of environmental investment opportunities focusing on REDD and community reforestation in three continents. Till currently works as independent advisor to REDD+ project developers and forest carbon policy makers. A forestry engineer by training, Till holds a PhD in applied statistics from Freiburg University and the Brazilian Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, and has published widely over the last years, as well as developing and creating new methodologies.

Tom Huxley has 14 years’ experience in management system development and project management in the carbon market and regulated industries in the UK, including managing Corporate Social Responsibility for EcoSecurities, as well as developing the project implementation management system across the whole group. Tom trained as a Mechanical Engineer, with professional experience in the chemical and water sectors in the UK. He is experienced in multinational programme management and has managed multidisciplinary teams across three continents. His passion for environmental and social performance is augmented by an MSc in applied development studies from the University of Reading.