Carbon Asset Management

We offer a full range of services to establish and maintain a carbon offset portfolio, providing expert independent consultancy for carbon asset development, CDM project support, and advisory and intelligence for both voluntary and regulated markets. Our portfolio implementation services aim to manage project risks and maximise returns, providing you with bespoke management of your specific CDM or wider emissions reduction portfolio.

Climate Link provides a range of services, from initial assessment of project viability, through development of Emissions Reduction projects and portfolio implementation management, to supporting the issuance of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

Our team works world-wide, combining sector expertise with regional knowledge. Climate Link's network in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa provides support as and when you need it, with a dedicated account manager to ensure your needs are met.

Due Diligence

Our team produces independent assessments of proposed CDM and ER projects, focusing on implementation-related risks and commercial viability, following strict UNFCCC and Voluntary Standard requirements.

Quality Assurance and Technical Review

The knowledge and experience behind Climate Link help us to provide you with highly specialised independent reviews of project documents, aiding a swift approval process. We offer support through Validation, Registration, Verification, and Issuance: ensure your project's successful move through the regulatory channels, so CERs reach you as quickly as possible.

ER/CDM Project and Portfolio Implementation

The team will manage the project's path through the relevant regulatory processes - either by direct implementation services or management and oversight of third-party consultants. We have ten years' experience in CDM co-ordinator services, and a proven track record in the Monitoring and Verification of CDM projects. Using Climate Link as your single portfolio implementation manager streamlines your process, allowing you to focus on your core business while we manage project risks and milestones.

Carbon Advisory and CDM Support Services

Our expertise includes methodology development, WCD compliance management, and CSR assessment of emissions reduction projects as well as sectoral crediting approaches. We also work with organisations supporting global forestry and REDD+ projects, and have expert knowledge of other sectors such as biomass.

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