Biomass Services

Many countries have recently implemented policies and incentives for industries to shift from fossil fuel to clean sustainable sources of energy. As a result, utilities, independent power producers, and industrials are increasingly turning to biomass as an environmentally sustainable fuel. In many cases, operators are required to provide information on the sustainability of the fuels used, with regard to Green House Gas (GHG), land use, and chain of custody.

Climate Link provides services to the international biomass trade, focusing on the sustainability requirements for biomass. We have a wealth of experience in monitoring and reporting in different regulatory schemes and are confident our service will help the parties involved in the biomass trade satisfying the new standards including:

  • Renewables Obligation: Sustainability Criteria for Solid and Gaseous Biomass for Generators (greater than 50 kilowatts)
  • Essent Green Gold Label
  • Laborelec Sustainability Certification

In addition the measurement may provide further insight on the impact of activities and decisions; and assist to prioritize mitigation actions and measure progress.

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