Bespoke Carbon Consultancy

As a small independent company we are perfectly placed to provide you with bespoke services relating to climate change, carbon offsetting, and emissions reduction - including market intelligence advisory services. We can also undertake inventories, assess Green House Gas (GHG) related risk, and define GHG management strategies, helping you adapt to a carbon constrained economy.

Carbon Strategy - development and management

Climate Link's team can provide guidance on existing and potential climate change regulations, laws, and standards, all tailored to your company and sector, enabling you to develop appropriate adaptation strategies. Priorities can change - at Climate Link, we adapt to your needs, linking Environmental, Social, and Economic policies (your triple bottom line) to ensure strategies are coordinated.

Capacity Building and Training

Capacity building is an excellent way of improving climate change governance. Our expert knowledge of policy enables us to provide bespoke services in order to translate strategy into practice.

Let us help you to understand the carbon market, how climate change can affect you, and your role in the environment. We have provided bespoke sessions for institutions looking to train their employees in a broad sense and on specific elements of the market (such as the CDM cycle or new regulation guidance). Discuss your aims with us, and we will provide a full package of training, delivered by carbon market experts.

Market Analysis

As well as implementing projects and emission reduction strategies, Climate Link's team has the necessary skills and specialist knowledge to analyse climate change impacts - on infrastructure, ecosystems, communities, companies - and to model regulatory and policy scenarios to help you understand the risks and opportunities for you within the carbon market.

Policy and market analysis is crucial to decision-making regarding how you can move forward in a carbon constrained economy, and our team will evaluate a range of areas in order to provide you with in-depth analysis of the whole market, sectoral approaches, and the sustainability of your strategy. And from that position, Climate Link can help develop and implement a strategy to suit you.

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